N°1 uncensored creativity NFT platform.

We focus on creating value across the 3 main verticals of the crypto industry:

The Pokmi app allows content producers to create value that can be transacted between them and users. By leveraging state of the art technologies such as blockchain and AI, we provide creators and users with new ways to curate and consume content in a more transparent and decentralized world.

Our multi-chain token, the Poken (PKN), fuels our ecosystem as the transaction vehicle to buy and sell NFTs and enables users to generate yield through staking and pooling. Not only that, the Poken powers incentive mechanisms that reward participants through innovative features such as watch-to-earn and pay-to-watch.

We envision a strong presence in the metaverse with the development of entertainment venues in Decentraland and Sandbox as well as exclusive events and contests to delight our community of creators and users.

The Poken (PKN) Powers the Pokmi Ecosystem

Pokmi NFT Marketplace

  • Stake NFTs for PKN*
  • Buy & Lease NFTs for PKN
  • Sell & Rent NFTs with PKN
  • Tip creators with PKN

Pokmi Metaverse Venues

  • Events POAP*
  • NFT & PKN Airdrops*
  • NFT wearables for exclusive access*

Pokmi DeFi

  • Stake PKN to get NFT whitelists, fees discount, metaverse events access & voting power
  • Earn PKN through staking and/or pooling.

*Upcoming feature.